Our LBC exchange rate changes everyday. This is the rate for today:

August 18, 2013, Sunday Php 42.35


Expansion of Stocks

With our new and improved location, we have been able to expand our stocks to better serve our community.

New Location

By December for sure, Asia's Finest will be moving to a new location. This building will be larger to accomodate more stocks and create an ambience for any and all customers to hang out and chat. The building is right across from The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). The address is 4725 50 Ave. We hope to see you there. 

With a new year comes new stocks

Happy New Year to all of our patrons and to everyone out there. We are excited to have another year to serve you all and supply you with all your needs. Just stop by our new location as we have recently stocked up our shelves for all our loyal customers. Once again, we wish everyone a very prosperous new year

Customer Service

We are a Filipino-Asian grocery store in Lloydminster who strives to provide the perfect service to all of out customers. We pride ourselves in giving our customers a warm smile and a close family greeting. We carry every necessary item you need for your kitchen and down to all the national toiletry brands. So come on down and enjoy the shopping experience 

                                    Asia's Finest

We have now opened our website. Please feel free to post any comments, questions, concerns and just enjoy. We will post pictures up soon.

                                   New Products

We have stocked up the store to the brim to make sure you will find everything you were looking for. Don't hesistate to request any products that you think we should carry so that we can truly be the number one asian store in all of Lloydminster and Area.

                               Fil-Can Lloydminster

We are a very active participant in all of the events of the Filipino community.

Sports News

The draft schedule for the FilCan Basketball League games has been released. Please remember to come and support team LBC!!!!!

Couples for Christ

Congratulations to all the couples, maidens and servants for Christ that have graduated last Saturday May 04, 2013